...Silicone? Yes!

This thing looks like an implant, but it’s something far better! The Silicone Makeup Pad is designed to apply makeup very evenly. Due to its smooth silicone surface, you only need very little foundation, because it is not absorbed, but remains on the surface. In addition, the Silicone Pad is very easy to clean due to its smooth texture and thus prevents the occurrence of impurities and blackheads. It also scores in terms of durability: Thanks to the hygiene factor, the silicone make-up pad lasts much longer than others.

Easy to use for beginners

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How to Use

Put a small blob of foundation on the smooth side of the silicone Make-Up pad or rub it in your makeup case and move it over the face in even, circular movements, then pat repeatedly to ensure that the foundation reaches the skin evenly. Then blend it normally and wash the pad afterwards. It’s that easy!

Easy to clean, ready in seconds

When you are done with your makeup, simply wash the Silicone Pad under warm water and a bit of soap. The smooth surface prevents dirt from accumulating and thus doesn’t allow the formation of bacteria.

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