​Are you disillusioned with expensive, non-kiss proof lipsticks that constantly smudge?

Then take a look at these beauties…

A great lipstick can give you a breath-taking look and enhance your appearance considerably. This new, innovative lipstick will both nourish and hydrate your lips, while feeling light and silky. It provides the perfect moisture to keep your lips healthy all day long, giving you soft, full lips with radiant colour whenever you want!

A matching colour for every type is guaranteed in this extensive palette.

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  • Water- & Kissproof
  • Long-lasting – up to 8 hours
  • Easy to apply & Smudge proof
  • Doesn’t dry your lips
  • No smearing

Sexy Lips in Seconds!

The right lipstick for your skin tone and colouring can make you look younger, fresher and more attractive. Get one now and see for yourself!

Whether you’re partying, clubbing, working or simply going out – this range of lipsticks offers the right tone for every person, in every situation, at any time.

Our Lipsticks are celebrated for their intensity of colour and solid opacity.

Wherever you go, a great lipstick will give you a great smile – the highlight of anyone’s day!

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Our Guarantee for you

Our Guarantee for you

100% Guaranteed

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Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
They're absolutely worth it.

The set arrived quite fast. I was and still am surprised about the good quality. The lipstick sometimes lasts up to 8 hours - that amazed me.

There's not really much to say. I once painted the colors on my arm so you can see how great they look! I love them!

Stunning lipsticks!

These lipsticks are really good. I bought 2 sets because I already bought them from PinkCoquette before and knew them already very well.

I am impressed by these lipsticks and "almost" don't use any others anymore. The lips absolutely do not dry out and bring a soft feeling.

I love them and will buy them again!


For the 1st time ever I am 100% happy and satisfied with an online shop. The colors and texture after applying in on my lips was simply awesome. Totally worth it! I think it's also perfect for a gift.


The price is interesting, that's what encouraged me to make my purchase! After trying these lipsticks I was happy with my purchase because the result is perfect for me, it makes you beautiful with a beautiful glamorous effect!


I'm really happy with my purchase.Lovely colors that stay on the whole day. I already made my sister buy the set as well!


I have tried this product and it works perfectly, I recommend it to all lovers of matte lipsticks


The set really surprised me positively. Such beautiful colors


I absolutely love every single lipstick of this palette. Super strong colors, really lasts the whole day!


Simply good and worth every cent.


These lipsticks stay on all night..even after several drinks. :) Only reapplied once during a night out.

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