Apply Makeup Evenly? Easy!

When applying make-up with bare hands, the natural layer of fat on the fingers mixes with the make-up when applying. This results in an unpleasant, shiny finish. This is avoided when applying make-up with the Beauty Sponge. The egg or drop shape of the beautyblender adapts perfectly to the facial contours due to its seamless processing.

Easy to use for beginners
Soft and Smooth
Good Elasticity

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How to Use

  • Moisten makeup sponge with water
  • Wring out well, squeeze out as much liquid as possible. Then dry lightly with a towel.
  • Apply foundation to the back of the hand or another smooth surface – then pick it up with the round underside of the sponge.
  • Spread the foundation over your face. Dab on the skin, do not blur.
  • Use concealer with the tip of the makeup sponge to blend transitions.
  • Clean the sponge.

Perfect for...Everything!

Many women use the Makeup Sponge to apply Foundation. But this is only one area of application – you can also use it to work in concealer under the eyes, apply cream rouge to the cheeks and apply highlighter evenly.

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