Incredible Quick Grip!

Are you tired of spending half an eternity fiddling about with your eyelashes and then worrying that they’ll fall off?

Well, now help is at hand!

Our eyelashes, along with our eyeliner, are magnetic and hold firmly together. Simply apply our eyeliner, attach the eyelashes to it and look forward to a confident, firm hold all day long.

As well as saving you time and worry, our eyelashes are also reusable, so you’ll save money and cut down on ecologically unfriendly waste too!

magnetic eyelashes and magnetic liner

Sexy Lashes in Seconds!

Stop wasting your time! No need for adhesives that may be unfriendly to your skin. Simply apply the eyeliner as normal, then attach the lashes to it – it really is that easy!

The case contains a mirror for easy readjustment and the slim tweezers allow for precise handling and positioning.

  • No glue required
  • Extremely quick drying time
  • Perfect for sensitive eyes
  • Strong hold
  • Reusable

Includes the Eyeliner!

There’s nothing to worry about. You get a complete set including 2 eyelashes and the eyeliner of course.

If you order more than 1 set, we will automatically give you a quantity discount at checkout.

magnetic eyeliner for magnetic eyelashes

Our Guarantee for you

Our Guarantee for you

100% Guaranteed

We offer a 30-day guarantee on ALL our products and our staff will be more than happy to assist you with any issues that you may have. Our dedicated staff offer customer support 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Easy and good!

I love those eyelashes. Since I bought the eyelashes, I don't wear glued eyelashes anymore.

Everyone who is not sure. Buy it for yourselves!!!! You will love them!

The eyeliner is like normal eyeliner. No reactions or anything else and I have sensitive skin. It just seems to be magnetic. 👍


100% perfect! There is nothing else to say. Thanks to PC!


Crazy man! These eyelashes are so incredibly good! I love them! Buy them and test them yourself. I will NEVER buy glued eyelashes again!


The lashes arrived after I believe it was 2 weeks. Thanx for the little present PinkCoquette! I am really convinced of the eyelashes and wear them constantly from now on. I can recommend them more than 100%!

Just wow!

I can't believe how easy these eyelashes are to put on after a little practice. My colleagues at work were amazed and wanted to know right away where I ordered these great lashes! THANK YOU!


My first impression is exactly how I thought it would be. I already ordered the next package. I discovered my new source for beauty products. Thank you PinkCoquette!


I saw those eyelashes in an ad on Facebook and wasn't sure. But when they arrived and I tried them on, I have to say that they are just awesome. Absolute recommendation!


I'll give you 10/10 points, even if I can only forgive 5 here. I love them!


They arrived fast - it took about 2 weeks. After some exercise no problem anymore to put them on.

Best choice ever!

For me the best false eyelashes so far that are currently available. I have already tried 2-3 others and am impressed by them. The support from Pinkcoqutte is incredibly good, I was very good advised and cared for. I love Pinkcoquette and will only shop with them from now on.

magnetic eyelashes and magnetic liner Magnetic Eyelashes & Magn...

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