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Eyelash Curlers are an essential part of a well-assorted cosmetic bag. These little magic tools are the simplest way to give every stubborn eyelash the right swing. Even if the eyelashes should be above average long and therefore no eyelash extension is needed, this does not mean that the eyelashes also have a nice curl. An eyelash curler is very helpful in this case.

Suitable for all types of eyelashes
Easy to use

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How to Use

  1. Before using the curler, make sure to remove any make-up from your eyelashes. If you leave it on, your eyelashes can break.
  2. The curler is placed on the edge of the eyelid in such a way that all the eyelashes to be formed are under the upper rail.
  3. Close the curler and hold for a few seconds.
  4. Use mascara after shaping to extend the effect of curled eyelashes.

The eyelash curler can be warmed up a little before use. This works particularly well with a hairdryer. The warm eyelash curler will act like a curling iron. It shapes the eyelashes more easily and permanently. The new curl can also be seen more clearly.

Curled lashes all day long

Unlike a chemical deformation of the eyelashes, the eyelash curlers can be applied to the eyes without any problems and without fear of irritation or redness.

To achieve a result that lasts all day, you have to squeeze the curler for about 30 seconds. This will bend the eyelashes towards the eyebrow and give them a nice swing.

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