Great hairstyle with volume in seconds

Tired of making an awesome updo especially with thin fine hair or during bad hair days? Your hair just doesn’t look the way you want and appears unvoluminous? Then we have something for you!

Each wig offers a natural look and gives your hair an extra portion of fullness. The synthetic hair is perfect for adding volume to a bun or a ponytail, while also being light-weight.  Furthermore, the adjustable size makes each wig very easy to fit with an elastic hair tie. Enjoy a secure grip the whole day!

The quickest and easiest chignon you’ll ever have!

curly hair wig chignon
curly hair wig chignon

Comfortable and secure

The washable hair wigs are very comfortable and provide an instant hair boost! Transform your look in seconds. The wig can be worn for a prom, wedding or also just an evening out. Suitable for every hair type and every person! Makes that hair looks professionally done,even with thin fine hair!

You can save extra time by attaching our hair buns in just a few seconds – Without having to redo your hair updo constantly.

curly hair wig chignon
curly hair wig chignon


Our Guarantee for you

100% Guaranteed

We offer a 30-day guarantee on ALL our products and our staff will be more than happy to assist you with any issues you may have. Our dedicated staff offers customer support 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!


All Shipping is sent via Airmail with tracking number. Once the article has been shipped, tracking will be automatically emailed to you.

We ship directly from our warehouse in 24 hours.

curly hair wig chignon Curly Chignon Bun Hair Clip Ex...

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