Coffee on my skin?

“Why should I put coffee on my skin?!” is probably what you are thinking right now.

Here’s why: The cream contains caffeine, which promotes the decomposition of fat. In addition, the massaging helps blood circulation, and the friction between the coffee grains and the skin makes the skin firmer and reduces cellulite. The cream also contains antioxidants that slow skin aging, reduce wrinkles and help against sunburn.

The product ist also enriched with different oils, making the application especially vitalizing for your skin.

coffee scrub peeling
coffee scrub peeling

It is also known that caffeine reduces the size of blood vessels – a process known as vasoconstriction. As a result, the appearance of dark circles under your eyes is greatly reduced.
The natural coffee particles clean the skin by rubbing and are safe and non-irritating unlike other chemical-based products. The contained caffeine stimulates the blood circulation and makes the skin look fresher and younger.

The coffee powder also acts as a great tool against blackheads by helping to clean the pores of excess skin substances.

Some people can’t go without coffee in the morning, some drink it during the day. Now when you are a real coffee-enthusiast, this is a dream comming true for you. You are no longer limited to only drinking the essence of life, now you can also smear it on your skin! (And have positive side-effects)

coffee scrub peeling


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